EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Douthit McKee – Ex BFF Confirms ‘Mackenzie Cheated’

EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Douthit McKee – Ex BFF Confirms ‘Mackenzie Cheated’

Last week, The Dirty shared a screenshot that had been circulating from Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit McKee’s husband, Josh McKee. The screenshot seemed to imply that Mackenzie had cheated on Josh, but nothing was directly confirmed. Now, one of her ex-friends, Quinn Tilley, has exclusively spoken to The Dirty to confirm that Mackenzie definitely cheated.

“My friend Maddie told Josh Mackenzie cheated and I confirmed it when he asked as well,” Tilley exclusively shared with us.

“She cheated with a man named Dylan that she met at a bar when she told Josh she was going out tanning,” Tilley continued. “Dylan just so happens to be Maddie’s ex-husband.”

“When Mackenzie talked to Dylan, she told him that her and Josh were not together,” Tilley added, “even though that was not true, as he was home with their three kids.”

While Tilley sharing this with us was interesting enough, she was able to offer up what she alleges are screenshots of texts between Mackenzie and Dylan. In them, Mackenzie claims to know “Josh and I are moving on from one another” and also claims “I hate divorce… but I’m not sure he will ever be the leader I need him to be and that is so important to me.”

Check out the screenshots (slide right on image) and be sure to stay tuned, as The Dirty has more explosive and exclusive information regarding this cheating scandal coming your way this week.


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