EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie McKee – I Wanted To Die

EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie McKee – I Wanted To Die

Teen Mom 3 alum Mackenzie McKee has always been open about her personal life with her fans. Recently, we caught up with her exclusively to talk about a time in her life when she was suffering with bad postpartum depression (PPD).

“It’s for sure something that took me a while to open up about,” McKee began with sharing. “People take my stories and twist them and people can have such rude things to say about touchy and personal subject.”

“It was the worst case of PPD I knew could exist,” she continued. “I am not a negative person, I’m not crazy, and the actions I was making was just not me. Nothing in me felt worthy anymore, I stopped having a passion for working out (big sign something is wrong with me). I had given up and just wanted to die. It got to a point when I wrote everyone notes because I knew I was coming to an end and needed to figure a way out to end my life.”

“I found myself in my own home, my husband was gone, kids were gone, my parents had had it,” she added. “I was alone and the amount of pain I felt is unbearable.”

“I thought Josh was a horrible husband than but looking back, I see why he did the things he did,” McKee continued explaining. “He took the kids and left for their best interest. He tried helping, but you can’t help someone that isn’t trying to help themselves. I saw no good in myself so it was impossible to see good in him. I took some meds to knock myself out and I woke up and looked in the mirror and told myself, ‘This isn’t you Mackenzie. You’re a good wife. You’re a good mom. You have a huge bright future ahead of you. You must want to change. What is to be is up to me- my favorite saying.'”

So what ended up happening?

“For once I apologized to my husband and realized he did love me,” McKee revealed. “I hugged my kids and decided I will never be that kind of mother again. I sat down and wrote out my dreams in life and have been grinding since… I didn’t heal overnight but with deep meditation and a change of mindset, I am stronger than ever, off all meds, and the best me I have ever been.”

“Depression and PPD is no joke,” McKee wrapped with telling us, “but you can push through. I have come so far, I am now working on becoming a motivational speaker to teach young woman they can overcome anything and become something big no matter what their background is, shape, color, or size they are. And I’m working on many exciting projects. I believe I went through this for a reason.”

We appreciate McKee’s candor in our conversation, and definitely feel that, by sharing her story, she will be able to help others.


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