EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie McKee Slams ’16 and Pregnant’ Returning

EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie McKee Slams ’16 and Pregnant’ Returning

Back in February, a casting notice for a new season of MTV’s ‘16 and Pregnant’ was circulating. Clearly, MTV is planning to bring the show back – which spawned the TV spin-off hits Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2.

We talked exclusively with Mackenzie Mckee, who was on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3 to get her advice she’d give to the upcoming stars of the new 16 and Pregnant… with some viewers concerned bringing back this show would cause girls to get pregnant on purpose. McKee shared her thoughts:

“The show was created to show viewers the struggle of what it is to become a mother at a YOUNG age, what you miss out on, and sacrifices you must make to raise your child,” McKee shared. “Going from 16, to mommy as soon as you get pregnant is not easy. This show was not designed for girls to purposely get pregnant for a chance of TV fame.”

“The ladies whom are on Teen Mom did not get pregnant for fame,” she continued, “they had no clue at the time how far with tv they would come. But they do boldly shared their stories to show others what a struggle it is.”

“But,” she added, “I do not think MTV should continue to find new teen moms and show the world they are casting so some 16 year old could possibly purposely get pregnant for a shot of fame.”

As for why she feels this way, McKee explained that, “I do have three children and although they do all have the same father.  We went through hell and back and back to hell a few times and back to get to where we are now and so much more work to be done.”

“It’s not what it’s cracked out to be,” she elaborated. “MTV is a short time in your life and a baby is forever. I spent my whole life cheering thinking I was going to go to the best of the best college with the best cheer squad and chase my dreams of becoming a coach. That dream took a turn and so did my life.”

So what message would she give to the women MTV is trying to recruit? McKee stated that, “If I had a message to send out to young girls the age of sixteen, it would be to respect yourself more. Don’t cause an emotional attachment by having sex with someone at that age. Your too young for a heart break like that. If a man loves you, he will wait for you. Yes, my own husband was a disrespectful little boy who didn’t even know what love was when we were young. It’s rare that the relationship works out so don’t expect him to stay because a baby is involved, I hate looking back knowing I was sexually active at the age 16 and I pray everyday my daughter doesn’t live the way I was.”

“Had I waited to, me and Josh would have a way more healthy relationship,” she wrapped with saying. “Respect yourself, all you young beautiful ladies out there. That’s the message we should be sending out.”


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