EXCLUSIVE: Mama June – I Hope My New Show Shows People Everyday Is A Struggle, Not To Give Up

EXCLUSIVE: Mama June – I Hope My New Show Shows People Everyday Is A Struggle, Not To Give Up

The beloved Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch Mama June Shannon is set to return to TV in a new show on February 24th on WE TV at 10 PM. The show, entitled Mama June From Not To Hot, will document Mama June’s major weight loss, and she is rumored to have lost a ton of weight.

While we’re anxiously awaiting her debut to see what she looks like, we got the chance to chat with Mama June yesterday about what she’s been up to, her new show, and what she hopes people take away from seeing her body transformation.

June first updated us on her life, detailing that, “We moved back home two years ago. Alana is a middle schooler. Pumpkin has a full time job. Jessica is in her second year of college. Anna’s still in Alabama and has two kids. So pretty much that’s what our lives have been up to.”

“I have to say that (I’m in a better place in my life),” June continued. “I’m in a better position in my life because I made the choice to get away from the things that affected not just me, but also affected my children.”

So what motivated June to get on the path to getting healthy?

She explained that, “My motivation was that, at first, people started saying ‘you look so good’ (when I started losing weight). Like everything else in my life, I kind of took it to the extreme. I put my whole heart into it.”

“I think people will be surprised to see that just because I’m a reality star, I still have daily struggles with my weight,” she added. “It’s real. And I think that’s what the fans see so much is that I am real and that our situations are real.”

While she noted it can still be a struggle not to give into old eating habits, she ensured us that “sketti” is “definitely” no longer a dish she makes in her home, telling us that “was Sugar Bear‘s thing.”

She also talked about her daughters a little bit. Noting that we can expect to see a lot of Alana and Pumpkin in the show, June also spoke about their eating habits and if they’ve changed, noting that, “I’m not saying that the girls are 100% changing their eating habits, but they are trying to do what they can everyday.”

With such a life altering change, we discussed a bit with June about how her transformation is inspirational, and what she hopes people can take away from seeing that she did it.

“I hope that one person or even a couple people realize that the struggle is real,” June shared,“that every day is not a cakewalk. And that with the right motivation, you just can’t give up.”

While we can’t wait to see this show, does June’s return mean more reality TV is in her future?

“If they do another show after this, it’s great,” she wrapped with telling us. “If not- I said from the very beginning, I had fun. It’s been a crazy rollercoaster ride. Everything I’ve done has not been planned out. So whatever happens, happens.”

We, for one, will certainly be tuning into Mama June From Not To Hot when it premieres in a week from today on WE TV. We can’t wait to see what she looks like, and are eagerly awaiting her big reveal.


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