EXCLUSIVE: Margaret Josephs On Cast Trip In Boca

EXCLUSIVE: Margaret Josephs On Cast Trip In Boca

As usual, we were right.

While we were the first publication to reveal that Margaret Josephs would be joining the cast of the show, there hadn’t been much mention of her since. We had actually heard that she wasn’t present at Danielle’s housewarming, which was starting to make us question if Bravo had changed their minds as they so frequently do.

However, don’t get it twisted, as Josephs is definitely still in the mix.

A source exclusively dished to us that, “Margaret is definitely with the women in Boca on their trip.” 

“While it’s uncertain if she’ll definitely end up with a full time spot now that Danielle is getting so much camera time,” they continued, “she’s definitely on the trip with the other women.” 

After we heard this information, photographic evidence also surfaced on Twitter from user @BRVOconnoisseur here. In the picture posted, Josephs is clearly seen in what looks like a conversation with a producer. 

We are excited for the new season and will continue to keep you updated with information we hear regarding it.


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