EXCLUSIVE: MD Asserts Kris Jenner Could Potentially Carry Kim Kardashian’s Third Child

EXCLUSIVE: MD Asserts Kris Jenner Could Potentially Carry Kim Kardashian’s Third Child

On a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the topic of Kris Jenner being healthy enough to be a surrogate for daughter Kim Kardashian came up, with Kris saying that she would be willing to do it if she thought the baby would be born okay.

We spoke exclusively to Dr. Daniel Roshan, an MD and Assistant Professor at New York University’s School of Medicine- as well as the Director of  Rosh Maternal Fetal Medicine- to gauge his thoughts on whether this is a feasible option or not.

“Yes, during the past decade many Grandmothers over age 50 and up to age 70 carried pregnancies successfully to term,” Dr. Roshan began with telling us.

“Before doing so, she should have (a) complete physical check up with (an) internist and ob/gyn doctor and a consultation with (a) Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist,” he explained of what Jenner should do if she’s seriously considering this.

“She should be in exceptional good health and she should be counseled on all that could happen in pregnancy to make informed decision,” he continued. “I recommend an echocardiogram, complete blood tests, mammogram and clean bill of health before proceeding with pregnancy. Obviously her uterus has to get prepared for pregnancy by (aN) IVF specialist and she should be followed and delivered by (a) high risk ob/gyn.”

“During (the) past year I took care of 10 mothers over age 50 and in each instance they did very well,” he added. “They were all…screened for good health, followed my advises (sic) throughout the pregnancy and had excellent outcome(s).”

Dr. Roshan wrapped with saying that, “This is health wise; however, a lot needs to be discussed on psychological issues for the future of these children and how they would feel to have really older parents.”

We appreciate Dr. Roshan sharing his thoughts with us and it will be interesting to see if a Jenner surrogacy ever ends up happening.


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