EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Gorga – I Have No Envy Business Partner

EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Gorga – I Have No Envy Business Partner

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga had closed the doors on her Envy Boutique last month, promising it would reopen just under her. Recently, The Dirty heard rumors from multiple sources that Envy, which did reopen, was done with a partnership with Buddy Valastro from The Cake Boss.

We reached out to Gorga exclusively to find out if there’s any truth to the rumors.

Gorga confirmed that she 100% owns Envy and that these rumors are bogus.

“This is absolutely a ridiculous rumor,” Gorga shared, “and I believe it’s Kim DePaola and Jackie Beard Robinson behind it.”

“Kim and Jackie will stop at nothing to try to prove me wrong,” she continued, “and make my business fail. It’s definitely them making up rumors.”

“They are obsessed with me,” she added, “and need to focus on their new business venture together instead of me.”

Gorga wrapped with telling us that, “I tried doing this with a partner once. Big mistake. Envy is all mine and I’ll never have a partner again.”

While The Dirty would never reveal sources, we believe it’s safe to say this rumor has been shut down by Gorga.


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