EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan- I’m Sick Of The Abuse Claims

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan- I’m Sick Of The Abuse Claims

While Michael Lohan hasn’t been married to Dina Lohan for quite some time, it seems that one thing keeps getting brought up in the press- namely, Michael abusing Dina. Michael exclusively spoke to us about how he’s sick and tired of these claims- and detailed why.“I’m sick and tired of the abuse claims,” he exclusively shared with us. “Just because I admitted hitting Dina once doesn’t constitute abuse. If anything, I was verbally and psychologically abused as were the kids when Dina used them as pawns in our divorce.  Even Lindsay said in numerous interviews that she never WITNESSED any abuse. She said Dina told her about it and showed her ONE picture of her with a black eye. Of course there’s only one because it ONLY HAPPENED ONCE.”

“However, I do to this day regret my actions and there is NO excuse for even hitting Dina once,” he elaborated. “But by NO MEANS WHATSOEVER, did I ever treat Dina in 21 years like  Egor did in one year.”

“I’m tired of the bulls**t,” Lohan wrapped with saying. “I feel like I’m listening to the presidential campaign.”


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