EXCLUSIVE: Monique Samuels- Gizelle Needs Some Type of Counseling

EXCLUSIVE: Monique Samuels- Gizelle Needs Some Type of Counseling

Last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac erupted in a crazy moment, where housewife Monique Samuels ended up asking Gizelle Bryant to leave her home after Bryant was talking about Samuels.

We caught up exclusively to talk with Samuels about Bryant.

“With her (Gizelle) it’s like she’s stuck in (the) high school mentality like I’ve got to try to haze her (me)and it ended up backfiring on her because I’m not a person who’s not accustomed to shady comments and I’m not a person who will walk away,” Samuels began with telling us about Bryant. “So if I hear something that I know is being shady, I’m going to say something about it. And I catch shade real quick. And I can give it right back. So I don’t think that she was expecting that. And I definitely wasn’t expecting her to come off so mean girl type.”

We then talked with Samuels about the night we saw on last week’s episode- which will carry over into this week’s. “As soon as she walked in the door, she walked in with this coat on,” Samuels explained. “And I’m like, in my head, Oh my God. It’s hot outside. What is she thinking? She was very stiff. She was like looking around and her friend comes in and he’s all jolly and happy. From the moment she came in, I could tell she doesn’t really want to be here. But it’s fine. I still make sure that everybody’s comfortable.”

“She clearly had her mind made up,” she continued. “She didn’t want to give me a chance. She wanted to have whatever opinion about me in her mind- just pure jealousy and pure hate. I think that she came over ready for a fight… like you came over here purposely because you wanted to be shady. You wanted- everything that you did, you foresaw that. You planned it. You just didn’t know you were going to get kicked out.”

So why does Samuels feel Bryant was surprised to be asked to leave?

“I guess because she caught herself apologizing right then and there,” Samuels detailed. “The thing that she doesn’t realize is this is the third time that you’re coming at me crazy. And this time you’re coming at me crazy in my home. In my kitchen.”

“You had whatever issues with yourself and for whatever reason you can’t stand to be in my presence because maybe you’re seeing a life that you thought you were gonna have,” Samuels continued, “but I’m not a person that just sits around and does nothing. I bust my behind for my husband, for my family. I’m very hands on. I don’t just sit back and cross my legs and take selfies and let people serve me. At the end of the day, I think that Gizelle thinks that- you know- she’s a beautiful woman and I think that she thinks her pretty is supposed to get her things. For me, I’ve always been a hard worker. My Dad had me and my sister out working in the yard like we were little boys. I was raised to know how to work hard and how to be hands on with things. I don’t depend on my looks to keep my husband, so maybe that’s maybe what she depended on in her marriage. She thought her looks would keep her husband in bed with her and obviously we all know the end of that story. ”

“I really think that she needs to seek some type of counseling,” Samuels added. “She still has a lot of hurt in her life as far as I can see and maybe that’s the reason she’s acting the way she is… Clearly she has no home training.”

“I had to pray her spirits and demons up out my house when she left. I don’t want any negativity in my house,” Samuels also dished.

Samuels had more to tell us about Bryant- and the show- so make sure to stay tuned to The Dirty.


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