EXCLUSIVE: NBA star Demarcus Cousins to Judge – Sorry I’m Late I Didn’t Expect to Be Traded from Kings

EXCLUSIVE: NBA star Demarcus Cousins to Judge – Sorry I’m Late I Didn’t Expect to Be Traded from Kings

The Dirty can exclusively reveal that NBA star Demarcus Cousins has headed to court in the lawsuit over an alleged NY nightclub assault. He has claimed he’s sorry for being late, but he didn’t expect to be traded from the Sacramento Kings earlier this year after playing with the team since he was first drafted.

Earlier this year, Cousins and fellow NBA star Matt Barnes were sued by Jasmine Besiso and Myrone Powell accusing them of attacking them inside a NY club.

They claimed back in December that they were hanging in the VIP area when Barnes came up and choked her. Then, according to their lawsuit, Barnes came up and choked Jasmine without provocation, and her friend then tried to step in, only to have Cousins attack him.

They sued demanding damages for the assault, battery, and emotional distress. Barnes and Cousins released a statement denying the incident inside the club, and said that they were the real victims of the incident

Then, on March 15th, the plaintiffs filed documents in the case demanding the judge sign off on a default against Cousins. They claim the NBA star was served with the legal papers back in February, but blew off responding or showing up to court. The default would be the first step for the plaintiffs to obtain a default judgement in the case.

Cousins clearly wasn’t about to let that happen and made a quick move to file documents shortly after their motion explaining that both him and Barnes live out of state. To make matters worse, he says he was recently- and abruptly- relocated.

On February 20th, Cousins was traded from the Kings to the New Orleans Pelicans, who he has played with since he was drafted in 2010.

Stay tuned as it sounds like this case is going to continue to make headlines for a while.


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