EXCLUSIVE: New York Giants Landon Collins – Demands $18k Child Support Order Be Tossed

EXCLUSIVE: New York Giants Landon Collins – Demands $18k Child Support Order Be Tossed

The Dirty can exclusively reveal NY Giants safety Landon Collins is accusing his baby mama of playing dirty games in a battle over their daughter and demanding a judge throw out a previous court order that has him paying $18k a month in child support.

Collins recently hit his baby mama Desiree McGowan with legal papers in Georgia Court. He is seeking to have his child support payment amounts determined along with a court order stating he is the legal father to their daughter Serenity.

According to the docs, his baby mama obtained a child support order in Pennsylvania Court. The order has Collins paying a total of $17,986 a month in child support. However, he claims that order is erroneous due to it being based on misrepresentations by his baby mama to the court. Specifically, she isn’t an unemployed college student in Pennsylvania but rather she lives and works in Georgia.

His baby mama claims that’s a lie and says she’s only in Georgia temporary and will be back in Pennsylvania for the next school semester. She demands the Georgia lawsuit be thrown out of court and says it’s terrible inconvenience and expensive for her to have to fight two legal battles in two separate states … which may not be a problem for an NFL player, but she cannot while she is raising their daughter.

Collins is demanding his Georgia case continue on and his baby mama be shut down. A hearing has been scheduled for this month.


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