EXCLUSIVE: Oprah – Fires Back at Ex-Employees Claims of Harassment at OWN Network

EXCLUSIVE: Oprah – Fires Back at Ex-Employees Claims of Harassment at OWN Network

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Oprah has fired back at a former employee’s claims she was harassed and discriminated against for pumping her breast milk at the office … with Oprah’s network OWN demanding her lawsuit be tossed out of court … and saying she consented and invited all comments from co-workers related to her being pregnant.

Back in November TMZ reported, Rebecca Taylor sued Oprah’s Own Network accusing the company of a allowing her to be harassed and discriminated against at the office. Taylor explained she began working for Oprah’s network back in 2010. Her supervisor, Nakisha Gowan, was a director at OWN.

The ex-employee said she had no problems until she became pregnant in 2013. She accused Gowan of continuing harassing and embarrassing her at the office. She said she would often pump breast milk at work after her kid’s birth. Taylor explained an incident where Gowan approached her in a meeting and pretending to squeeze her breasts and then put her head on top of them in front of other employees. Taylor said she was mortified and humiliated by her supervisor’s actions.

Taylor described another situation where Gowan would bring up “tent pole events” which the former employee says was her way of talking about a man with an erection. She sued demanding damages for the hostile work environment and harassment she endured while at OWN.

Then on January 17th, Oprah’s network fired back at the ex-employee blasting the allegations she suffered harassment at work. Oprah’s company denies that Taylor was ever injured or suffered damages due to any action by them. They place the blame solely on her for any damages saying they were caused by her own acts, conducts or omissions.

Further, they point out OWN provides reasonable care to prevent discriminatory, retaliatory and harassing behavior at the company … by having anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies which forbade such behavior … and accused Taylor of not taking advantage of any preventative or corrective opportunities they provided to their employees.

Oprah’s network blasts allegations of retaliatory or illegal conduct and claim Taylor initiated, invited and consented to comments and conduct related to her pregnancy. The company is demanding the ex-employee’s lawsuit be thrown out of court and she not be awarded a dime … and they want her to cover their legal bills!


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