EXCLUSIVE: Quentin Tarantino Buys Overdose Footage And Ruins Blake Pennington’s Life


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I am a close friend of Blake Penningtons. I know you ran several stories on him in the past and at this point I really don’t know who else to go to. Let me first start off with saying that Blake did not kill anyone, a girl died when he was in his apartment but he was cleared of all charges and did NOTHING to contribute to her death.

Please if you run stories of him in the future do not refer to him as a murderer because he couldn’t be farther from it. Out of everyone that was there that night I find it beyond absurd that he is the only one catching any heat for it. The footage from the night of the girls death was put online to blackmail his family along with 2 others. The families paid the person off once and then months later someone else came back claiming to have the footage. All along they assumed it was the same person and didn’t want to pay again.

During this time, celebrity media picked it up as a celebrity cocaine tape. Several celebrities were questioned as being a part of it, but no one connected the fact that all of the footage of cocaine use came from the same night as the overdose.  I am not privy to all the negotiations (as Blake doesn’t even know the full story) but somewhere along the way negotiations with the families broke off and the footage was sold to Quentin Tarantino. He contacted Blake, Taylor (his girlfriend at the time who was also there that night), and Devon (another friend he had there that night) after purchasing the footage and let them know he had intentions of releasing it and offered them all deals.

At first he talked of making a film based on the events of the night with pieces of the actual footage sprinkled in but as time went on it seemed as if he wanted to make the actual footage into a stand alone film. Blake and Taylor both agreed to the deals and even did interviews with the production, but Devon refused as he was the one that was actually responsible for this girls death.  Blake has gone through a horrible time in his life ever since everything happened. He had to move out of New York and gave up his whole life, all his friends, and even his name. His parents treat him like an embarrassment and just throw money at him to keep him away. His parents have been able to keep his name out of the media (well mainly Devons parents) due to their status.

When you started running stories on him they threatened to disown him and cut off all ties (even threatening to close HIS own bank account) if anyone took another picture of him. It has all been downhill from there. The drugs and booze kicked up and the guy just feels completely alone. I know it is hard to give sympathy to someone with money that has done some things that can be seen in a bad light but think outside of yourself for once. When Tarantino called him everything turned around. At first he was mortified of everything that happened being made public but he was talked into it as a way to clear his image and help others from making the same bad decisions. He was promised the world (including a sizable financial agreement) and saw this as a way to get his life back, get independence from his family, and rehabilitate his image.

He was assured that he would NOT be painted in a negative light. He met with Tarantino on several occasions. I never saw him so happy, it was really great to see him taking accountability and turning his life around.  Anyway, marketing for the film started late last week. A trailer was put up, a website, a twitter, and a facebook. Right off the bat, Blake was stabbed in the back. The marketing was put out as the film would be put out as a way to bring to light a horrible event and bring those involved to justice. A blog was posted on the projects website (has since been removed) pretty much bashing everyone involved including Blake. As you can imagine Blake lost his sh*t, he called Tarantino and every other person involved with it and no one would pick up his calls.

The trailer went up online and the view count froze almost immediately. It was up for 2-3 days and then was pulled by Youtube. Yesterday Blake finally got a call back from the production reminding him of his non-disclosure agreement, and telling him that they will no longer be producing the film, therefore voiding the rest of his cash agreement. Blake already rented a place in NYC and got an agent and now he is completely f*cked. He shut off his phone and has been MIA ever since he got the news and I am scared he is going to hurt himself all because of these pieces of sh*t are trying to make money while taking advantage of Blake. I am not sure if you will even run this out of fear of being sued but I don’t know who else to tell.

I would have watched that movie. QT don’t pull this… people want to know what really went down that night. All these rich families keep paying people to hide the details and the video is no where to be found on the internet.- nik

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