EXCLUSIVE: Ralphie May- Kathy Griffin Will Outlast Trump

EXCLUSIVE: Ralphie May- Kathy Griffin Will Outlast Trump

Everyone is talking today about Kathy Griffin and the now infamous photo she posted of a blood-covered mask of President Donald Trump.

We spoke exclusively to comedian Ralphie May to get his reaction to the controversy.

“I trust Kathy,” May exclusively shared. “If she thought it was funny, it’s funny.”

“I find it interesting that she’s taken this heat,” he continued. “The way I see it, the President has attacked women, LGBTQ, land, (and) the climate. If it’s good for the goose, it’s good enough for the gander.”

May added that, “Her protest is a response to Trump’s actions. Last time I looked, the freedom of speech is guaranteed by the Constitution, even when I don’t like it.”

“Hands down Kathy will outlast Trump,” May wrapped with telling us.

While it’s definitely been a tough day for Griffin, we’re sure she will appreciate getting some support from some of her fellow stand up comics.


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