EXCLUSIVE: Real Housewives of Dallas To End On Positive Note

EXCLUSIVE: Real Housewives of Dallas To End On Positive Note

While the first season of The Real Housewives of Dallas wasn’t one of Bravo’s most successful franchises, they are giving the show a 12-episode second season in the hopes that it catches on.

Currently, the show is nearing the end of it’s taping, and a source close to production dished on exactly where Bravo is headed for the end of the season.

“Typically, the Housewives shows go out with a big bang,” our insider dished to us.

“However,” they continued, “this time, Bravo is trying a different strategy. While there’s been a lot of drama during taping, production is trying to get the women to tie up loose ends and end on a positive note.”

“The season ends on a high note around a big occasion,” our source added. “There was a big party the other night where all the women were all together shooting for the last time for this season.”

“It’s definitely going to be a good season,” our insider wrapped with telling us, “and all the women on the cast seem excited about it.”

I personally enjoyed the first season of Dallas, much ado to LeeAnne Locken, and look forward to seeing what the second season brings.


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