EXCLUSIVE: RHONJ star Amber Marchese – Sued by Virgin America Over Flight From Hell, Reality Star Accused of Defaming Flight Attendant in Attempt to Hide Husband’s Abuse

EXCLUSIVE: RHONJ star Amber Marchese – Sued by Virgin America Over Flight From Hell, Reality Star Accused of Defaming Flight Attendant in Attempt to Hide Husband’s Abuse

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese is accused of spreading lies about an incident on Virgin America – in an attempt to hide the truth about what happened in first class when her husband choked her & threatened to kill her and now the airline has sued the reality star demanding she pay damages for the harm she caused their company and flight attendant.

Back in October, Amber and her husband James sued Virgin America and a flight attendant named Moriah Rosser accusing them of false imprisonment and ruining their reputation.

They explained on April 20th, 2016, they boarded a “red-eye” flight from Los Angeles to EWR after working on the reality show Marriage Bootcamp, where they filmed for 3 weeks. They said the flight attendant, Rosser, recognized them from reality television and told Amber she wasn’t a fan of her husband.

The couple said they pretended to ignore the comment and brushed it off. They went on to engage in flirty behavior and conversation. Amber ordered a glass of wine but her husband wasn’t drinking.

Prior to the airplane taking off, police came on board after being told by the flight attendant that James choked and threatened Amber after they boarded the plane. The couple were confused since they deny any argument took place and accuse Rosser of knowing he was lying to police.

The police removed them from the plane and took them into separate questioning about the alleged incident.

Once they arrived to the police station they were swarmed by new outlets, whom were already waiting outside for the couple. No charges were ever filed against James in relation to the incident but they say their reputation has been disparaged on numerous websites portraying their relationship as abusive.

The couple sued Virgin American and Rosser for defamation, negligent infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution … and are seeking unspecified damages.

Then recently, Virgin America headed to court blasting the reality star and accused them of concocting a fabricated story to hide the truth about the domestic violence that took place on the flight.

Virgin America then slapped them with a counter-lawsuit accusing them of not only defaming their company but their flight attendant Rosser … who they claim was acting to protect the safety of the other passengers.

They explain while boarding the plane the flight attendant heard Mr. Marchese tell Amber, “If you want to be on equal f*cking playing fields then carry the f*cking bags.” They took their seats and ordered preflight drink service. Once the drinks arrived the flight attendant says they began arguing with one another.

The argument altered other first class passengers and they informed Rosser about the couple. The passenger believed James was drunk and said that his behavior was making people uncomfortable. The flight attendant then turned to their direction and saw James’ hand closed around Amber’s neck.

Rosser approached the couple and witnessed James pull his wife’s face closer to him and state, “Bitch, if you do that again, I will fucking kill you.” He then pushed her face away and released his grip around her neck and the attendant asked if they were “okay” to which James told her they were “fine”.

The flight attendant determined their behavior threatened the safety and security of the passengers and the flight crew and reported them to the captain. The flight was halted from departure and law enforcement came to take them off the plane and taken into custody.

Following their release from police custody, the company says the couple made numerous false statements about Virgin and Rosser to media outlets and on their social media accounts.

They are accused of targeting “Virgin and/or Ms. Rosser in the press and on social media websites with false, demeaning and derogatory statements, declaring that Virgin and Ms. Rosser lied to law enforcement and fabricated the domestic disturbance” … saying they spread lies to only inflame their fans with the intent to cause the company harm. They are seeking unspecified damages for the lies spreads by the couple.

Interesting to note … the flight attendant says the couple fabricated the entire story down to their claim she knew who they were or that they starred on Real Housewives … saying she had no idea who they were.

This couple is nuts. They are going to lose all their Bootcamp money.- nik


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