EXCLUSIVE: RHONJ Finale Drama Revealed

EXCLUSIVE: RHONJ Finale Drama Revealed

While there have been lots of rumors and rumblings regarding the upcoming eighth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we have exclusively learned what happened this past Wednesday night when the finale for season eight was taped.

Multiple sources confirmed to us that a party held at newbie Margaret Josephs‘s house- who we first exclusively reported was the new RHONJ star– was the finale.

“This season, a lot of the drama surrounds Siggy vs. Margaret and Dolores vs. Danielle,” an insider told us.

“The finale revolved around Siggy showing up to say her piece- namely, that she’s upset that Margaret compared Kim D to Hitler, as Siggy found it offensive due to her Dad being a survivor,” our source went on to claim about the finale.

“Also,” our insider added, “Danielle and Dolores got into it, with Dolores criticizing Danielle’s promiscuous behavior, and Danielle insulting Dolores that if she tried being more promiscuous, she might keep a man.”

“There were definitely fireworks as the season came to a close,” our source wrapped with telling us.

Of course we never know for sure what will make a final edit, but RHONJ fans can rejoice- it sounds like we’re in for a drama-filled season.


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