EXCLUSIVE: RHONJ Newbie Margaret Josephs Put On Social Media Lockdown

EXCLUSIVE: RHONJ Newbie Margaret Josephs Put On Social Media Lockdown

When The Dirty exclusively reported that Margaret Josephs has been brought on The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season, there were copious amounts of photos on her Facebook that were public. Since we have announced this, though, we noticed her Facebook went a bit more private. Specifically, only two photos (her profile pic and cover pic) are now accessible, while the rest of the photos have disappeared and a message of “nothing to show” has taken their place.

This is clearly indicative of the fact that Josephs has made her photos private.

A source close to production dished that, “Bravo doesn’t like when casting gets out there, and they came down hard on her for the story getting out there.” 

“Since you guys had some of the pictures of her that would instantly show she’s the same person you talked about if she left them up,”  they continued, “she was told to put her profile on lockdown and make it more private.” 

We did reach out to Josephs for comment on her status with the show, but did not receive any response.


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  1. ChrissyOctober 11, 2017 at 8:54 PM

    heeeeelllooo, you have no real friends because if you did they would tell you that if you’re over ten years old you do not wear pig tails. Omg, seriously I can’t!

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