**Update – EXCLUSIVE: Riff Raff (@JodyHighRoller) Masturbated Right In Front Of Me **WARNING NUDE IMAGES**


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**Update: Another girl has come forward. Read Alexandria’s experience with Horst aka RiFF RaFF below.






THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I am a hairstylist and was approached by Riff Raff via Twitter to do his hair for a performance he had that evening.  He told me to come to his house so that I could style him, however when I arrived (very professionally) the first thing he did was lay on his bed and whip out his uncircumcised penis and perversely begged me to touch it and suck it.  I refused and he proceeded to jack off in front of me… I was able to snap these candid pics of him while he cleaned himself up after he finished while I awkwardly stood by.  Needless to say, I immediately left and he came out of his apartment yelling down the hall asking me why I was leaving so soon.  Feeling violated and pissed that I wasted my precious time on that scumbag I feet it is important that everyone is aware of his antics.

James Franco would never masturbate in front of his hairstylist. Horst Christian Simco, did you know that Penis Skirts are more likely to contract sexually transmitted infections. Maybe MTV can throw you a bone and get that sh*t cut.- nik

**Update Second Victim:

OMG THIS HAPPENED TO ME TOO!!!!! OK here is my story finally. I approached Riff Raff to do a story for my school newspaper, I hit him up on twitter too and this was around the time he started making music with Simon and Andy. Next, I show up- me a college girl- and the m*therF*ckers bedroom is in the living room and the living room is where the bedroom should be. He immediately tries to get me to sit on his bed but I politely say I would like to sit on the stool by the bar in his kitchen. Then he started jacking off too. I got mad so he stopped. I kept trying to interview him like the good lil reporter I am, amdist his perverted attempts to get me to grab his dick. He even asked me to rub his chest and just stare in his eyes.

Well he ends up wasting my time- we watch saved by the bell ordered sushi and I got us weed from a weed delivery. He jacks off again while I roll the blunt- and actually cums. While I am just sitting there HORRIFFIED (this was my first quarter at school, first quarter reporting as well) I like see his Dick and everything it was so weird and I think he was on something. Anyway I still smoke a blunt with the fool because here I am thinking (THIS IS THE WEIRDEST SH*T EVER) but I was SO PISSED because I live in Corona. I drove 66 miles out of my way for NOTHING he gave me no good interview just mumbles of incoherent talk aaaaand best part- I jack the weed he bought (with my mmj recc) and bounce. He calls me all wondering about the weed but I lie and say I didnt know LOL.

P.S. At least even though he was a perv, he was still nice to talk to when he wasn’t rubbing his d*ck or trying to grab my ass.- Alexandria

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