EXCLUSIVE: Robyn Dixon- I Question If Ashley Would Behave This Way If We Weren’t Filming A Show

EXCLUSIVE: Robyn Dixon- I Question If Ashley Would Behave This Way If We Weren’t Filming A Show

While The Real Housewives of Potomac skipped a week- and debuts this week at a new time slot on Bravo- viewers were left with seeing Robyn Dixon confronted by Ashley Darby regarding Dixon’s ex-husband, Juan, who still lives with her. Ashley was trying to tell Robyn about how Juan was dating someone, but rather than tell her off-camera, Ashley told Robyn- and the other women- about it on camera.

We talked to Dixon exclusively regarding Darby, and what she thought of her behavior.

“Ashley definitely has no problem being the pot stirrer of the show,” Dixon shared. “I really question whether she would behave like this if we weren’t filming a show. I also have to question the validity of what she said. For me, if something like that really happened- if there was a message I thought was really important that someone needed to know- I know I’m filming a show but I would’ve done it in a more discreet manner.”

“Just because of the delivery and other things that have been said, I question the validity of what she said- even what she said at Monique’s house,” Dixon added.

Dixon had more to say, telling us that, “You can interpret that any way you want ,but she definitely has no problem being a pot stirrer and probably wouldn’t be saying certain things and doing certain things if there were no cameras around.”

“I also do think however that considering Ashley’s age- and I’m not knocking her age- but the fact that she hasn’t quite experienced certain things in life that maybe some of her older cast mates have when it comes to children and divorce and the ups and downs of marriage- she’s only been married for a couple of years- she really can’t respect what it is that we have gone through and what we have experienced,” Dixon wrapped with telling us. “I know that one day when she has experienced more things- and like I said, I’m not knocking her age, it just it is what it is- she probably will look differently/would act differently and treat situations differently with a little bit more understanding under her belt.”

It will definitely be interesting to continue to watch how the drama unfolds as the season continues to progress.


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