EXCLUSIVE: Ron Miscavige- Disconnection Is Used As Leverage For Scientology

EXCLUSIVE: Ron Miscavige- Disconnection Is Used As Leverage For Scientology

Recently, we have been featuring parts of our exclusive conversation with Ron Miscavige, the father of David Miscavige, the COB (Chairman Of the Board) of the controversial Church of Scientology. In our conversation with Ron, who recently had his book Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me released in paperback, we talked about the Church’s disconnection policy, where members of the church stop speaking to those who are “antagonistic” towards Scientology. What did Ron have to say about the practice, which many have claimed has ruined their relationships with their family members and friends?

“It’s used as leverage,” Ron exclusively shared with us. “My daughters were actually forced to disconnect from me. If they were to have talked to me, their friends wouldn’t talk to them. My daughter Denise has a daughter in the Sea Org- if Denise spoke to me, her daughter would never speak to her again. If Lori spoke to me- Lori has a job with a scientology employer, she would get fired that day and her friends would stop talking to her. This is how disconnection is used as leverage and a control mechanism. The long and short of it, that’s how it’s used.”

Ron also detailed that he decided to write his book after his daughters disconnected from him and one of their husbands told him they were done with him and his wife forever.

“That’s when I decided to do this book,” he shared. “I knew if I did a blog- what would I have, a couple thousand people read it, maybe? I knew if I wrote a book, simply because of my being the father of the head of the church, it would get some national exposure and it would get a lot of people to read to understand what’s going on. That’s why I wrote the book and that’s why I’m standing up to them.”

“Listen, most people don’t have the balls to do what I’m doing,” he added. “I mean, they’re running with their tail between their legs. That’s no way to live life. I’m a Marine veteran. I don’t live my life that way. If you want to do this to me and hundreds of other families, I’m going to do whatever I can to break that rule and get people connected up. That’s the reason I wrote it. There’s no other reason. They say I wrote it for money. Come on, get off your high horse. For Christ’s sake, you donate to them and they give you a piece of paper saying you’re a wonderful person. You know, somebody gives $50,000 or $100,000, you get a piece of paper saying that you’re great. You’re not doing that for money? What are you doing it for?”

There’s still more to come from our conversation with Ron, so make sure to stay tuned.


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