EXCLUSIVE: Ron Miscavige- The Kindle Made Me Realize In Scientology I Was Living A Lie

EXCLUSIVE: Ron Miscavige- The Kindle Made Me Realize In Scientology I Was Living A Lie

Recently, we had a lengthy sit-down interview with Ron Miscavige, the father of David Miscavige, the  leader of the Church of Scientology. In our conversation, Ron discussed how a gift from David- namely, the Kindle- helped him to realize he was living a lie in Scientology.

“I got a Kindle from David for either a Christmas present or a birthday present,” Ron explained. “Security guards really didn’t want me to have it. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why they didn’t want me to have it. They were trying to say you shouldn’t have it, you should turn it in for security’s sake.”

“On the Kindle, David put all of L. Ron Hubbard’s early Science Fiction books on it, which was great,” he continued. “I enjoyed his early science fiction work. This is an old Kindle where you had a mechanical handling of going through- there’s a little button on it where you can press it to the right and to the left, up or down, or in. Let’s say you’re reading something and there’s a word that you don’t understand the meaning of. One of the things in Scientology is that you should look up words that you don’t understand to make sure you’re getting the concept of what you’re reading. So now you select the word and you go with this little button and you press it to the right and it will say search dictionary. I held it a little bit too long and it went form search dictionary to Google and I was on the internet with no filter.”

“It was a sheer accident that I got on the internet because when you’re on that base- look- you’re living on a compound that there’s barbed wire pointing out and pointing in,” Ron detailed. “When you go on the internet, all of the computers are fitted up with a filter that if you were to put in the name Scientology or David Miscavige, or L. Ron Hubbard, it would block it. Now I’m on the internet with no filter and I look up various things.”

So what did Ron find out on the internet?

He detailed that, “I find out that L. Ron Hubbard was not a war hero. That his war record was completely different than what had been represented by the church. There was one person- and this was accidental- a lady by the name of Annie Tidman, who had been with L. Ron Hubbard since she was a little girl as a messenger on the ship.… she developed lung cancer and they sent her to Los Angeles to get treatment and they sent (someone) to care for her. Every once in a while I would ask her medical liaison officer ‘how’s Annie doing?’ And she would say ‘she’s doing great, she’s doing good.’ I’m on the internet and I found out she died six months earlier- and nobody on the base knew this. It was kept from everybody.”

Ron added that, “Then a little incident happened the day after that where I’m coming out of our little apartment and there’s three girls out there who said, ‘Ronnie, people are chipping in to get Annie a birthday present. Do you want to contribute?’ I said, ‘No.’ And I thought to myself do these people know that she’s dead or are they also being kept in the dark?… Stuff like that. I started reading and I started thinking Jesus Christ, I’m living a lie.”

There’s still more to come about #Scientology from our conversation with Ron, so make sure to stay tuned.


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