EXCLUSIVE: Shiva Safai – This Is Our Future

EXCLUSIVE: Shiva Safai – This Is Our Future

According to my friend who works for E! Shiva Safai and her family of Hadid’s were supposed to be the new Kardashians. Shiva who has been engaged to Mohamed Hadid since the Reagan Administration (2014), is the sudo stepmom of Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid.

Anyway, they filmed and Shiva’s life … while glamorous, “was really boring”.

Our source stated, “We asked the production to cast other celebrity wives because their family had no substance. The Kardashian characters all have consistent inner conflict. A, B, and C stories which end in resolution. The Hadid’s had no connection.”

We were told up fronts for Shiva and the other wives will happen in May and the show should air in June. Can’t wait to watch a younger version of RHOBH.

Shiva get married already … it shouldn’t take this long to work out a prenup.


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