EXCLUSIVE: Sol Marketing Founder Talks Kendall Jenner Being The Wrong Person For The Pepsi Ad

EXCLUSIVE: Sol Marketing Founder Talks Kendall Jenner Being The Wrong Person For The Pepsi Ad

Last week, a Pepsi ad featured Kendall Jenner took a lot of heat and quickly was pulled. We caught up with Deb Gabor, the founder of the highly successful Sol Marketing to get her thoughts on the whole debacle.

 “Bringing the world together over a soda is nothing new,” Gabor shared. “Many of us remember the iconic 1971 Coca-Cola spot in which Coke brought together a diverse cohort of young people on a sunny hillside to ‘teach the world to sing.'”

“Many have opined that Pepsi’s ad was designed to stir up feelings similar to those created by Coke’s spot, updated for our current time,” she continued. “While Pepsi’s intent was noble, using Jenner as the main character in their story gives critics additional fodder.”

Gabor had more to say, noting that, “One of those critics is my 19-year old daughter, who sits firmly in the demographic Pepsi sought to attract with its effort. ‘Kendall Jenner is exactly the wrong person for Pepsi to use in a story like this,’ she said.”

“I think people recognize that she doesn’t represent American young people on the same level that those fake protests in the commercial don’t represent what’s really happening on our streets today,” she added of what her daughter had stated.

Gabor wrapped with saying that, “She went on to say that Kendall Jenner’s obvious privilege, set against the backdrop of corporate America’s glossed-over version of a protest further contributes to the lack of empathy and relevance this story could have had.”

While this week will likely bring lots of new news- and the stories regarding the controversial Pepsi commercial may start to fade- it’s definitely interesting hearing the perspective of someone in the branding industry who didn’t exactly feel like the commercial resonated.


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