EXCLUSIVE: Spokane Schools Being Elusive In Jim Sharkey Investigation

EXCLUSIVE: Spokane Schools Being Elusive In Jim Sharkey Investigation

On Thursday, The Dirty reported that Spokane high school football coach Jim Sharkey was being investigated for complaints that he exposed himself to students at a leadership camp last summer. According to reports describing the allegations, the coach allegedly put his genitals in a hot dog bun, showed it to players, and said, “You think that is a big dog – take a look at this.” There were also reports that the coach was seen consuming alcohol in front of students, as well as making inappropriate sexual comments towards a female student.  

We reached out to the school board for a comment on the situation, but they’re being extremely elusive, as we described in our first report.

Kevin Morrison, the District’s Director of Communications and Community Relations, told us that, “It is customary for all media – local, regional, national or world to reach out to the Communications Director or Organization PIO before seeking such information as a matter of both professional courtesy and to direct you to the proper subject matter expert.”

“I ask that you refrain from contacting SPS staff regarding this open personnel issue,” he added. 

We are in the process of contacting the local police department for further information on this investigation, and will update this story as we dig into these claims further. 


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