EXCLUSIVE: St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher Carlos Martinez – Ex-Lover Drops $1.5 Mill Legal Accusing Him of Giving Her Multiple STD’s

EXCLUSIVE: St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher Carlos Martinez – Ex-Lover Drops $1.5 Mill Legal Accusing Him of Giving Her Multiple STD’s

The Dirty can exclusively report St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez has scored a victory in the $1.5 million dollar STD lawsuit … with his ex-lover throwing out her legal battle in which she accused him of transmitting multiple sexually transmitted diseases to her during their relationship.

A woman named Diana Molina filed suit against the 24-year-old MLB star accusing him of lying about being STD-free and transmitting his Herpes & Gonorrhea.

The woman explained she met the baseball player in Florida back in May 2012. Carlos was recovering from an injury at the time and she was staying in a dormitory at Florida Atlantic University. Carlos informed Diana that he had a child with a former girlfriend but the two were no longer together. The two began dating but it only lasted one month. She says they had sexual intercourse during their time together.

Fast forward to March 2014 … Carlos approached one of her friends to ask about her … which lead to them texting for a while … and eventually she agreed to meet him. Shortly after they began to have a romantic relationship once again.

She explained prior to him leaving for St. Louis she learned that Carlos was expecting another child with his baby mama … who he claimed he wasn’t with. Carlos told Diana numerous times while traveling with the Cardinals that his relationship with his baby mama was over for good. He swore he was being faithful to her and no longer seeing his ex … and swore to god he was not infected with any sexually transmitted diseases. Carlos even claimed he had been tested for STD’s a month prior and the tests came back negative.

Then following their sexual relations, she began to feel ill with a sore throat and feeling weakness. A day later she was unable to urinate given the pain … and later would run a fever. Carlos left for the Dominican Republic without telling her and she later learned he was still in a relationship with his baby mama.

She went to see her doctor and was informed she had a urinary tract infection, yeast infection, gonorrhea and herpes. Diana knew it came from Carlos because she had not had sex with anyone else.

The woman sued for battery, negligent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and fraudulent concealment demanding more than 1.5 million in damages for the pain, suffering, mental anguish and physical impairment he caused her.

Carlos fired back at his former lover’s accusing her of having reckless unprotected sex with other men and saying he wasn’t to blame for her STD’s.

The St. Louis Cardinal denied he transmitted any diseases to the woman and pointed the blame solely on her for the STD’s … saying she had exposed herself to the risk of diseases when she had unprotected sex with multiple men. He demanded the entire lawsuit be thrown out of court and his lover not be awarded dime.

Then on January 5th, the woman headed to court and filed docs stating she is voluntarily dismissing all claims against Carlos and dropping her lawsuit once and for all.

She explains both of them agreed they will pay their own court costs and the case will be officially closed following months of nasty fighting back and forth between the former partners.

Carlos has played for the St. Louis Cardinals since 2013 and was an All-Star last year.


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