EXCLUSIVE: Ta’Rhonda Jones- Empire Is Breaking Boundaries and It’s Liberating

EXCLUSIVE: Ta’Rhonda Jones- Empire Is Breaking Boundaries and It’s Liberating

Recently, we got the chance to exclusively chat with Ta’Rhonda Jones, who plays Porsha Taylor on the major hit Fox show Empire. While we touched on many topics, one of those was how it felt to be on a mainstream show that so openly dealt with a gay character in Jamal, played by Jussie Smollett.

“It’s liberating,” Jones told us. “It’s very liberating. I have people who are in the LGTBQ community, like my best friend for one. I know the struggle he goes through, especially with being accepted.”

“The thing that I love about Empire is that they never cease to amaze me,” she continued. “They continue to break down these walls and they continue to knock down these barriers and put people in complete awe.”

“To be a part of a show that advertises or showcases things… at the end of the day, we have to realize this is happening,” Jones elaborated. “It’s happening. This is real life. They exist too. Other shows may have showcased it, but showcased it in a secretive manner, like you wouldn’t know but you know. The fact that we did it so openly- it’s happening… We just want people to realize it’s happening, it’s going to continue to happen, and it’s up to you whether you accept it or you don’t. Get over it. It’s 2017.”

Jones also said that, “With social media being on a big spectrum and playing a big part of people’s lives, people feel the need to throw their opinion out on a daily basis. And they’re not good opinions. They’re horrible opinions. It’s like your opinion don’t matter, dude. Shut up. It’s happening. Get over it. Accept it and move on. It’s not happening to you. So accept it and move on.”

“I hate when people say they’re homophobic or whatever- they’re against whatever- racism or whatever,” she added. “Get over it. It’s happening. Get over it. They forget that they have daughters or cousins or whatever and that cousin may be gay, or that cousin or sister or brother may be dating someone outside their race. It’s happening. Get over it.”

“That’s one thing I love about Empire,” Jones wrapped with saying. “They get the people talking.”

For more of our exclusive conversation with Jones, stay tuned.


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