EXCLUSIVE: Ta’Rhonda Jones Talks Why Cookie Always Calls Her Character Stupid

EXCLUSIVE: Ta’Rhonda Jones Talks Why Cookie Always Calls Her Character Stupid

Recently, we had the chance to catch up with Ta’Rhonda Jones, who plays Cookie Lyons‘s assistant, Porsha Taylor, on Fox’s Empire. One of the things we discussed with Jones is why Cookie- played by Teraji P. Henson– is always putting her character down and calling her stupid.

“One- she (Porsha)  is a little stupid,” Jones began with explaining.

“I think Cookie’s intentions don’t mean (to be) bad,” she continued. “I think she only calls her names out of frustration out of what’s going on with her family, the company, and Lucious. I don’t think she means any harm.”

Jones had more to say, detailing that, “When we’re done shooting a particular scene- and whenever she (Cookie) calls me a name or whenever she’s vindictive or mean to me, she (Teraji) will always be like, ‘Are you oaky, boo boo? I’m sorry. It’s just a shame how Cookie talks to her.’ And then we’ll just laugh it out. And then we’ll jump right back into the scene.”

When asked if this has made her closer with Henson, Jones dished that, “I think what made us closer is the things that she found out about me and the things that I found out about her and that we have a lot of similarities in common. When her book came out and I read her book and how she hustled… She always says ‘you a hustler’ and she tells me ‘I see a lot of myself in you.’”

“One thing I love about her is she’s very supportive of whatever it is that anybody on set has going on,” Jones also said of her co-star.

While Empire just ended it’s third season, there’s still more of our conversation with Jones to come, so make sure to stay tuned.


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