EXCLUSIVE: “Taylor Armstrong” AKA “Shana Hughes” AKA “Taylor Ford”… The Truth Behind The Beverly Hills Housewife


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- From just watching the show, I thought Taylor Armstrong from the Beverly Hills Housewives seemed like a sweet, caring, young mother. But lately, I’ve only heard really negative, dishonest things about her past-life that makes me feel like she is trying to play everyone who watches her on TV. Apparently, she went to Tulsa Union High School in OK where she was a cheerleader and went by the name “Shana Hughes”…you can see by her yearbook photo, she looked nothing like she does now. The main thing that really makes me question her character is that I keep hearing that her and Russell are hard-core scammers and that if you ask anyone on Wall St. if they know Russell they will tell you he is a fraud. She picked the name “Taylor Ford” when she was in FL because she wanted it to look like she was related to the Ford Motor Co. and seem to come from money. Now that she has been on the show, people that Russell and Taylor have screwed over in past-business deals are speaking out against them and warning everyone that what Taylor is saying is all B.S. Maybe people in the Dirty Army knew her when she still used those past names and know the truth? Taylor was very aloof – she did not say much about what she did for a living and her life – she was also rude and condescending. However, she did make sure that we were aware she was Taylor “Ford” from the Ford Motor Family of Oklahoma. I had such a strong feeling it was not true – she seemed more like white-trash dressed in Gucci than a trust-fund person – but I did not say anything about my feelings. Russell insisted to my husband that she was from the “Ford” family. They obviously were trying to impress us. If only Taylor had some manners, then perhaps we would have had some positive thoughts about her! After I realized this was the same Taylor that my husband and I met six years ago, I went through an old pile of photos and found a picture of the four of us, taken at Prime 112 restaurant in South Beach. My husband does not want a picture of himself with Russell on the internet, because he does not want to be associated with Russell (Russell does not have the cleanest reputation in the financial industry) – but I promise I will try to talk him into it!

I guess this proves she botched her lips. I can’t wait until the other Housewives of Beverly Hills read this and call her out on it. Honestly, what would you ladies do without my website?- nik

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