EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift – Judge Sides with Singer in Sexual Assault Case

EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift – Judge Sides with Singer in Sexual Assault Case

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Taylor Swift scored a victory in the sexual assault legal battle with a radio DJ … with the federal court judge agreeing to redact court records after the singer pleaded that she feared for her safety if the sensitive information was to be released.

The pop star and a radio DJ named David Mueller are currently in the midst of battling it out in their dueling lawsuits against the other. He filed suit originally saying he was fired from his job after she falsely accused him of sexual assault at a meet and greet.

Swift fired back counter-suing him for the alleged assault and demanded damages for the harm he caused her. The case is in the middle of discovery with both sides exchanging documents and information preparing for trial.

Back in December, Swift pleaded with the judge to redact portions of a court transcript due to her fearing her life would be in danger if he didn’t take action. The singer explained back at a July hearing in the case her lawyers talked in great detail about her security detail and specific threats that were made against her in the past.

She claimed the transcript contained personal information and extremely sensitive information … that if released to the public could put her life in jeopardy. Swift said she believed the same people who have threatened her in the past … along with new copy cats could take the sensitive information and use it to plan to harm her life.

Then on January 23rd, the judge came back and sided with Swift by ordering the portions of the transcript related to Swift’s security detail and past threats be redacted from the record. He granted Swift’s motion and instructed the court to remove every portion the singer requested from the records due to her fear it would put her in great danger.


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