EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee – Quinn Tilley Broke Apart My Marriage

EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee – Quinn Tilley Broke Apart My Marriage

The Dirty exclusively reported that Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee’s ex friend, Quinn Tilley, had claimed that McKee had cheated on her husband. While McKee denied the allegations, Tilley then told us McKee had threatened her over them. Now, McKee has broken her silence with us exclusively.

While she does note Josh McKee and her had problems in the past, she said things had gotten better.

So what about the cheating rumors? McKee gave us her truth:

“An old friend- well, someone I have known- not exactly a friend (I never trusted her) decided to reach out to my husband and tell him the most down right disgusting lies. She broke apart my whole marriage and family. She wouldn’t answer one of my phone calls but was on the phone with him everyday explaining how I had slept with another man in our home with the kids home.”

“He of course left,” McKee continued. “I would have too. Finally my crazy self showed up at this woman’s house, forced her into telling the truth, and forced her to call Josh telling him the truth. He came home that night and I simply couldn’t stop hugging him and letting go.”

“I had Quinn’s Father and sister reach out to me telling me just how many things like this she has done in her life,” McKee added. “She has a mental illness of ruining peoples lives and they are so sorry for what she did. I’ve always known this girl needed help and never has she ever known how to tell the truth, but never did I think she would go so far to try to split up my marriage. It was the worst week of my life. Passing the kids back and fourth and them screaming when daddy left.”

“I hope she gets help and she will never come near my family again,” McKee wrapped with telling us. “Sometimes being the nice guy isn’t your better option.”

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