EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom OG Star Amber Portwood’s Fiance Takes Second Lie Detector Test

EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom OG Star Amber Portwood’s Fiance Takes Second Lie Detector Test

When recent reports surfaced that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and fiancé Matt Baier had ended things, we exclusively confirmed that was not the case.

While Baier had admitted to taking a lie detector test, we have now found out he took a second one- and what the results of that test were.

“I took the second lie detector test so Amber would have no doubt about what the truth was on a number of subjects,” Baier shared of why he did it. “For the last 3 years our relationship has been both scrutinized and attacked by a group of very sick people who decided for different reasons that Amber and I shouldn’t be together. When attacks like this happen on a daily basis for so long eventually it is going to take its toll on any couple.”

“While some people may think going to these lengths is extreme,” he added, “I think that when you love someone the way Amber and I love each other that you do whatever is required to make your partner happy and comfortable. Relationships are built not only on love but on trust as well and taking those tests was something I was happy to do.”

“We both just felt it was time to put all of the nasty rumors and hateful theories people had to rest,” he also dished. “We understand that our life being lived in the public eye opens us up to the opinions of others but when those opinions turn into direct hateful attacks it’s time to take action. We have taken legal action against people and maybe the result of those actions will send a message to other people thinking about attacking another family in the future that their time might be better spent in other ways.”

We did see a copy of the actual test and can share that Baier did pass all four questions that were asked/was found to be telling the truth regarding all four questions. These questions included if he had cheated on Portwood, if he started a relationship with her for any reason other than love, and more. Unfortunately, due to MTV regulations regarding filmed items, we were asked to not post it at this time.


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