EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice’s Former Co-Writer Heather Maclean Talks New Book Inspired By Teresa’s Daughter

EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice’s Former Co-Writer Heather Maclean Talks New Book Inspired By Teresa’s Daughter

Earlier this morning The Dirty shared an exclusive statement from Teresa Guidice‘s co-writer Heather Maclean. We then reached out to Teresa Giudice’s attorney James J. Leonard Jr. to get Guidice’s side of the story. He stated, “Teresa isn’t interested in responding to this, but thank you for reaching out.”

Well, Maclean had more to share – as the Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) fans know Teresa Giudice wrote her hit cookbooks with Heather Maclean. Maclean recently released a new book, Toward A Secret Sky. We spoke to her extensively about the book – which RHONJ fans will be interested in hearing about the inspiration behind.

“I actually started writing it when I was working with Teresa on her books,” she added, “and staying at her house quite a bit. Gia (Teresa’s oldest daughter) was about 12 and asked me to put her in the book. I created a character for her, and promised her that if it was ever made into a movie, she could be in it! I adore Teresa’s children. They are all wonderful young ladies. Very smart and very strong.”

However, as Maclean dished to us, her relationship with Teresa today is non-existent.

“I’ve published 13 nonfiction books, which I love writing,” Maclean told us, “but I always wanted to write a fictional story to inspire young teens. My first YA (Young Adult), Toward a Secret Sky, just came out from HarperCollins. It’s an adventure quest crossed with a forbidden love story, sort of like The Da Vinci Code meets Outlander for teens. It’s about a girl who loses her mother and is sent to live in Scotland with grandparents she’s never met. When she’s there, she discovers an encrypted journal and realizes her mother wasn’t who she thought. It’s action-packed, exposes the daily battle between good and evil, and features hot Scottish guys in kilts.”

While we’ll have more on their relationship coming soon, it was interesting to note that Maclean also told us that, “When I got an advanced copy of Toward a Secret Sky a few months ago, I sent it to Gia with a note about how she inspired me, and that there was still a place for her in the movie (I’ve been contacted by 12 different production studios about the movie rights!), but I didn’t hear anything back.”

Stay tuned for more about what exactly went down between Maclean and Teresa.


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