EXCLUSIVE: The Game – Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Demands Rapper Not Be Granted New Trial

EXCLUSIVE: The Game – Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Demands Rapper Not Be Granted New Trial

Nik, the woman awarded $7 million dollars by a jury in her legal battle with rapper The Game – in which she accused him of sexual assault during production of his reality show – is firing back at his attempt to get a new trial … saying she deserves every cent of the damages for the emotional distress he caused her by grabbing bare genitalia and buttocks in public.

A woman named Priscilla Rainey – who was a contestant on the VH1 dating reality show, “She’s Got Game” – filed suit against rapper The Game for $10 million dollars back in August. Rainey explained that she shot the show in May of last year. She said one night she was led to believe it was mandatory to go on an after-hours date with the rapper. However, the woman claimed that she was taken to a local bar in Illinois where The Game was out of control and highly intoxicated on drugs and alcohol.

She said that during the night The Game sexually assaulted her on several occasions … including him forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks. The contestant explained she never gave him permission to touch her and she felt degraded by the sexual assault. The woman filed the 10 million dollar suit saying she suffered physical, psychological and emotional damages due to the rapper’s actions.

The case went to trial and a jury began hearing both parties testimony on November 14th. The rapper and Rainey fought nasty over the months prior to the trial …. with him accusing her of having spent time in a mental institution and allegedly worked as a prostitute and her blasting him for making such allegations.

Then after 4 days of trial, the jury reached a verdict in the case. Their decision was against The Game and in favor of Rainey. They awarded the plaintiff a total of $7.13 million dollars in damages. Following the jury verdict, The Game has attempted to get a new trial saying the amount awarded to Rainey by the jury was too high claiming there wasn’t enough evidence to award such a high judgement. The judge shot him down and denied his motion and the rapper has informed the court he will take the case to the Appeal Court in an attempt to overturn the verdict.

Then on December 30th, the plaintiff fired back at The Game’s attempts to get a new trial or reduce the amount of damages she was awarded. Rainey explains the rapper makes no real argument that the damages were “monstrously excessive” nor could he.

Nik, she says she proved at trial that he committed highly reprehensible conduct by grabbing and displaying her bare genitalia and buttocks against her will in a public place in front of a large crowd of gawking spectators (some of whom had cameras and may have recorded the events) causing both a physical violation of the most heinous kind and clear public humiliation through that act.

The woman says the jury heard all the evidence in the case and came to their decision to award her $7 million dollars based on the facts. She is demanding the judge not allow him to continue on pleading for a new trial, since they already had one where everything was by the books.

Why is The Game wasting his time with this. Just pay Rainey a million dollars to go away… her lawyers know they will never get the $7 million. Just settle and make this bad look go away.- nik


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