EXCLUSIVE: The Real Reason Lamar Odom Is In Rehab

EXCLUSIVE: The Real Reason Lamar Odom Is In Rehab

Nik, Lamar Odom’s years-long divorce battle with his baby mama Liza Morales was headed to trial this month in New York Court, but the never-ending fight over custody and support of their 2 kids has been put on hold following the ex-NBA star’s decision to check into rehab once again for his substance abuse issues. Odom and Morales share 2 children from their relationship together — Destiny and Lamar Jr. Their third child, Jayden, tragically died when he was only 6 months old. The two met while attending high school in New York and dated since 11th grade.

Following the tragic loss of their son, the two broke up with Lamar moving and eventually marrying Khloe Kardashian. Liza publicly stated her relationship with Lamar crumbled following his marriage with the two only communicating through lawyers and third parties.

Lamar sued Liza in New York back in 2010, attempting to get a judge to sign off on an order for the child support he was to pay his baby mama along with a custody schedule. The legal battle has been going on for years with no real resolution taking place — most likely due to Lamar’s marriage, NBA career and personal struggles over the years.

Last year, the case got nasty with Lamar demanding his baby mama hand over documents in the case and Liza filing a motion for a temporary support and/or custody order from the judge to hold her over until the outcome the case. The divorce and custody battle was scheduled to begin trial on December 19th in New York Court, where the judge was also set to hear arguments on Liza’s motion for temporary support. However, Lamar voluntarily checked into a San Diego based rehab for his drug and alcohol problems earlier this month. He previously tried to get clean back in 2012 but bailed on a separate rehab program after 3 weeks.

According to court records, the divorce trial was postponed and a new court date has been scheduled for March 1st — which may be a clue on how long Lamar is planning to stay in rehab, with most programs advising addicts to complete 3 months of treatment before checking out. The custody and support battle will go before a judge next year as a result of the postponement.


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