Exclusive: The Real Reason Tess Taylor Left Rehab, Alexis Neiers And Tess Taylor Were Caught Smoking Heroin At Soba Recovery Center In Malibu


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alexis Neiers and her Reality TV sister Tess Taylor were caught smoking Heroin at Soba Recovery Center in Malibu. Not only were they smoking but both had Heroin hidden in there rooms, Tess Taylor was immediatly kicked out however Alexis was allowed to stay because of a secret promise made between Neiers and the owner Greg Hanley not to report the incident to the judge in her case. This promise was made because Greg Hanley had said it was going to bring negative plublicity to the rehab. Neiers and Taylor were both invited to stay at the rehab free of cost because the owner Greg Hanley had said it was going to attract clients if they heard Neiers and Taylor were there. After Taylor had left the facility Neiers bragged about how she can talk her way out of anything. She then bragged about how “Greg was still going to write the judge in her criminal case a letter saying she has had all clean drug tests and is fully complying, this letter was wrote to Judge Espinoza as part of a progress report after Judge Espinoza spared Neiers a 2 year prison deal and sentenced her to 1 year of rehab. Neiers was tested again on Friday and the test again was positive for Opiates. However Neiers had a carefree/no big deal attitude and had no worries of getting in any sort of trouble. Also, while at Rehab Neiers has been caught numerous times having sex in the restrooms of buildings where they were shuttled to by the Soba staff to attend AA/NA meetings. The man she was with is named Matt Webb; another addict in rehab for opiate use. Neiers and Webb claim they are going to get married once Neiers gets out of Rehab. TESS TAYLOR CAN VERIFY ALL OF THIS.

It’s good to have DIRTY ARMY on the inside. I verified all this info from two sources (one from the rehab facility).- nik

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