EXCLUSIVE: Tiffany Hendra – Claims RHOD Women Paid, Not Broke

EXCLUSIVE: Tiffany Hendra – Claims RHOD Women Paid, Not Broke

This past Friday, a report broke on blog All About The Tea claiming that the women of The Real Housewives of Dallas only got a second season of the show due to them agreeing to work for free. The story also claimed that Tiffany Hendra, who left the show after season one (but then ended up coming back for parts of season two) had left because “she was broke” and wouldn’t work for free.

We spoke exclusively to Hendra after the report came out.

“That’s ridiculous,” Hendra told us in response to the claims. “Of course there’s pay.”

“I don’t know any of the girls who would work for free,” she continued. “I think everyone asked for and got raises, but I don’t know for sure or the amounts.”

“Those claims are ridiculous,” she added. “There’s no way any RHOD girl would do the show for free.”

And in response to the detail that she’s broke?

To that, Hendra said, “I don’t care to respond to such trash talk. So stupid.”

Since speaking with us, Hendra- and a few of the other women- have taken to Twitter to shut down the report as well.

We’re not surprised to hear that the women were indeed paid, as Housewives comes with a ton of stress and drama, and doing it for free certainly wouldn’t be worth it.


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