EXCLUSIVE: Tristan Thompson Is Only Friends With Anel Peralta

EXCLUSIVE: Tristan Thompson Is Only Friends With Anel Peralta

Yesterday, Terez Owens went in on Khloe Kardashian when a source dished that, “Khloe wants everyone to see that she’s still with Tristan [Thompson] and spending roughly $50,000 a week on him and his buddies, because that’s the only reason he’s still with her.”

“Oh and he’s also using her for publicity too!” they added. “She has to be by far the dumbest and insecure Kardashian sister of them all!”

The Dirty was exclusively tipped off about Anel Peralta, who goes by Nel.

According to our source who’s “BFF” with Nel… her and Thompson have a special relationship.

Here’s the weird part… Nel’s friend- who told us not to call her Anel, as she hates that- came to us to report they are just “really good friends”.

Obviously we were caught off guard as to how this is a story, asking, “What the hell are you talking about?” 

This is where it gets weirder… Nel has yet to respond to our numerous requests for comment, but her BFF keeps reaching out stating, “If anyone says Nel and Tristan are sleeping together, it’s not TRUE”.

Anel is from Miami and follows Khloe Kardashian on Instagram, but not Tristan Thompson… maybe this is a cry for attention or something more.

Story developing…


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