EXCLUSIVE: Woman Involved In Marchese Lawsuit Wanted To Be On A Tabloid Cover, Jim Marchese Responds

EXCLUSIVE: Woman Involved In Marchese Lawsuit Wanted To Be On A Tabloid Cover, Jim Marchese Responds

We have been covering the lawsuit involving former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Amber and Jim Marchese where they sued Virgin Airlines after a flight attendant named Moriah Rosser claimed to witness Jim choke Amber. Virgin had countersued them, which led the Marchese’s to also file a countersuit.

Interestingly enough, looking into Rosser, we had previously noted she was featured as a contestant for the 2014 Las Vegas Hot 100 where she noted she can “act pretty well.”

Looking at the site also gives another very interesting clue to her personality and why if she is lying -as the Marcheses have claimed- she may have allegedly been inclined to do so.

For the Las Vegas Hot 100 contest in 2014, she was asked, “If you could be on the cover of any magazine which would you choose and why?” She responded with, “Any of the tabloids because people are always making up things about me anyway.”

We spoke exclusively to Marchese who told gave us a statement about the countersuit.

“In the complaint that we filed, we made it very clear that Rosser took issue with my character on the show,” he explained. “It’s obvious she knew who we were because TMZ was immediately contacted and there were no other witnesses to the event, so no one else would know that I was on the plane or that anything occurred since there isn’t another witness of any alleged activity.”

“We look forward to having Ms. Rosser be deposed and the truth coming out about her real motives,” he added. “Her goal was to be one of the sexy 100 in Vegas, an actress, and in the tabloids, so in our opinion, that would explain her motives.”

Getting involved in a lawsuit with reality stars certainly, has placed her name in the tabloids. While we can’t say with certainty that was her motivation or that’s he made this up, it is definitely suspect.

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