EXCLUSIVE: Young Jeezy – Accused Of Screwing Concert Promoter Out Of $100k

EXCLUSIVE: Young Jeezy – Accused Of Screwing Concert Promoter Out Of $100k

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Young Jeezy is accused of being a diva and refusing to show up to a scheduled concert — despite being offered a private jet to make it to the venue — and now the concert promoter has slapped the rapper with a lawsuit for fraud demanding $100k+ in damages.

Promoter Darryl Austin filed suit against Jeezy – real name Jay Jenkins – and YJ Productions. The promoter explains Jeezy signed a deal to perform at a concert in December 2016 at the Arena Theatre in Houston, Texas. The oral agreement they reached had the promoter paying $60,000 to Jeezy for a 60-minute performance. Austin hand delivered $30,000 and had $20k set to be deposited directly into Jeezy’s manager’s bank account.

Following the deal being worked out, the promoter bought radio space/promotion, arranged ticket sales through a vendor ticketing service and paid for the venue.

Then in November 2016, he received word through Jeezy’s rep that he decided he did not want to perform at the venue … to which he told the rep a thousand tickets were already sold and counting. Jeezy allegedly refused to turn back the deposit despite him stating he wouldn’t be performing.

Jeezy’s team began demanding more for the performance in the amount of $80k … the promoter felt concerned and in distress and he agreed to the new amount.

The rapper then decided last minute to attend an album release party in Atlanta and nix the performance date … which the promoter tried to reschedule and even offered to pay for a private jet … but the rapper didn’t perform and refused to hand back the $30k.

Austin says he was set to profit in excess of $100k from the show. He filed suit accusing Jeezy of fraud and demanding $100k in damages and his $30k returned.


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