Fake Equis Is A Wanna Be Hero


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, by now the whole DA knows about Fake Equis being the world’s realest douche. Previously another DA soldier posted FE tweeting about starting his acting career. Well, it looks like he found his first gig, as Dan Healy a fallen Navy SEAL in the movie ‘Lone Survivor’, based on the book by SEAL Marcus Luttrell. What many don’t know about Dan was that during his semi-deep run in the 2009 WSOP Main Event where he became somewhat recognizable to viewers, ESPN and Dan framed him as the Navy SEAL hero turned poker pro. ESPN and Dan subsequently failed to mention his past as a trust fund baby, that he is a regular loser and joke in west coast cash games, and that he isn’t a Navy SEAL. Dan was made to go through BUDs training after multiple “injuries” (there has been speculation that only his father’s connections kept him in the program). He subsequently made it through BU’s but was not allowed to move on, he believes the Master Chief was just a hater, but he got weeded out of the system. Upon his detachment from the Navy he goes around and tells anyone who will listen that he is a SEAL (even passing BUDs doesn’t make you a SEAL Dan). After the WSOP he gets called out on his shenanigans, claiming to be a SEAL and wearing a SEAL style boonie hat everywhere. Former SEAL’s dedicated to outing fakes outed him, he called them names on the internet, and then admitted to using copious amounts of steroids just to make it through BUDs. Now this liar with a SEAL wannabe fetish is playing a Navy SEAL Senior Chief, what a disgrace by the casting directors. Nik, put Fake Equis and the people who hired him on blast.

I get why Fake Equis rocks the beard.- nik

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