THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, since you started posting Dan, I have become a huge fan of his… until I started following him on instagram.  Check out what he posted a few months back making fun of people flying commercial flights and saying they are poor because of it.  All the while he is flying to Ibiza on a Global Express.  There is nothing funny about this and the sad part is, that this guy wouldn’t be sh*t without his trust fund.  I bet you, he would have no idea what it really takes to make money or the value of money.  Its people like him that give a bad wrap to Trust Fund babies.  To fly to Ibiza round trip cost the average person $1,800 which is not bad, but for the flight he took to Ibiza, cost over 100k and the poor idiot probably has an idea what a huge difference that is.  But i guess when daddy raises you and allows you to have anything you want… you become an ignorant prick like Dan.

I wonder if Fake Equis has ever deposited a check before?- nik