Fake Friend Home Wrecker


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Home wrecker

Home wrecker

Home wrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this skank pretended to be my friend, I meant her last winter with her then boy friend Josh her name is Cherie Gutierrez , well I liked her and invited her over for drinks, and over the last year we have hung out a few times and I noticed that she was always trying to wear short a*s butt cheek showing skirts when she would come over, I just blew it off, because I know how some females are. Well about two months ago her man packed up and got the hell out of Idaho has not called her or anything, so i felt bad for her invited her out on new years 2011..I got a funny  feeling that night between her and my husband, didnt know what to think so I waited a couple days and went through his picture mail on line and sure enough I found a half naked picture of this b*tch on his picmail, and several other pictures of her and 1 of her new nails. come to find out this b*tch and that punk a*s husband of mine have been talking behind my back for over a month….she is the worst of the worst she is fake as hell and a sloot to the core…straight dirty! I have attached the pictures found on his account, I am not only heart broken I am angry and want to warn any female that ever comes in contact with her to watch your man.

I think she has the Carl Jr. logo tattooed on her arm.- nik

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