Fakest Person I Know


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THE DIRTY ARMY: so , i met this boy last year around this time ! we became the best of friends ! i honestly thought he was loyal ! but, i was wrong … we went to a party and met some guys (we’re gay). somebody told me that he was talking about me before we went , but i dont let rumors effect me ! so anyway , we were at the party and he was going around telling everyone eveything that i ever told him ! i know he was doing it only because the stuff i was hearing he said nobody else would know ! so i aproached him about it and he turned around (like the bitch he is) and told me ” I CAN SAY WHAT EVER THE FCK I WANT , IF THERES AN ISSUE – SWING – JUMP – BECAUSE , I FIGHT AND YOUR NOTHING THAT WOULD CAUSE ME TO CARE TO LOSE ) He sounded stupid ! anyway ! i swung and he socked me in my face ! i stumbled then he kicked me in my stomach ! then , he spit on me and left the scene ! rumor has it that he stayed anight at my boyfriends house that night ! i no longer talk to him anymore ! HES THE FAKEST PERSON I KNOW.

You forgy’s do have some strange drama.  I don’t get it.- nik

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