Fakest hoe I know.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This stupid little girl needs a reality check.One she tries talking sh*t about a person who she was trying to completely imitate to begin with, as soon as she gets shut down because she’s too much of a dumb cu*t to be caught in public with. The girl can’t handle her liquor, falling all over the place self inflicting injuries on herself from being drunk and then trying to blame it on other people. Lying, back stabbing bit*h, she’s your friend one minute and then talking trash the next, sleeping with your baby daddy, watch out everyone this girls bad news and she just turned eighteen I don’t wanna see the end of this messed up road she’s going down. Plus talk about hypocrite she tries by bringing down a ex-friend (clearly out of jealousy) by titling her a “number one bar star”…. HAHAH what a JOKE!! This girl straight from HER OWN uneducated and sk*nk as* mouth called her ownself the “ultimate bar star” please give it up, no one wants to hear your bul*shi* anymore. She goes by “Gucci Bebe” on fb lol what a joke! I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree here though because her mom isn’t the best influence either…. anyone who knows this dumb little girl knows she learned her dirty, conniving, sk*nky ways from her “beloved mama”So you little bottle depot rat, good luck in the real world because your already off on a bad start…and boys and girls stay clear of this one.

That is not a chick.- nik