THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know you thought Nicole Jones (bikini model) had the biggest refund gap ever, but as her friend I HAD to submit someone with a bigger one. This girl has posed for Playboy (only online lol) and was MAJORLY slootting it up when I saw her….. Doing whatever with whoever was willing. She is a groupie BIG TIME (even has an album on Fbook titled, “Party with a rockstar” that shows all of her sexual conquests) and she follows her supposed boyfriend’s band around, but where are her kids when she is hanging on his coat tails? Also, if she is banging so many rockstars, WHY hasn’t someone paid for a new boob job? Oh, bc it’s pointless to put new parts on a car with that many miles! I haven’t submitted anyone before, but I just couldn’t help myself. Have you seen a refund gap LARGER than this? They’re under her armpits! I would die if my boob job looked like that! I totally get that Nikki needs hers redone, and she knows too (she isn’t blind or dumb!), but she IS getting them redone soon. This girl (old lady) LOVES her crazy looking bony chest and ridiculously large armpit implants!! Want to talk about someone who shamelessly flaunts their massive refund gap? Talk about THIS girl! LOL! “Dylan James” aka “Amanda Victoria” should have modeled for Jurassic Park (that came out when most current ‘models’ were kids) bc she is a DINOSAUR!!! You could drive an 18 wheeler through this refund gap of hers! Yikes!!! I bet she was cute in the 70s though! Quit wasting your time chasing washed-up bands that no one remembers!! Good job using push-up bras and necklaces to disguise the gap!! NOT! I just wish I could post more pics, because this ‘model’ has a HILARIOUS Facebook page. Dylan, or whatever your name is, you’re LONG past due to retire & raise your kids!! Too bad they’re already grown!

Based on her body type those things will never be fixed. The Doc would have to break her chest bone just to save 2 inches of Gap… pretty much not worth it. The Gap stays.- nik