Family Feud With Dirty Celeb

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Family Feud

Family Feud

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the so called pelican! She has recently moved out of the dallas area to “leave the dallas lifestyle” and start and actual life. She moved in with her grandparents and so far in the week of living there she has already mysteriously disappeared for two days skipped a job interview and skipped classes she just started last week! YUP she tried real hard!! She has wasted more than half of the money her dad left her from legal fines from all of her DUIs and other irresponsible bullsh*t. She is a pathological liar, and none of her family can trust her anymore. She feeds off of drama and attention, so here you go Amber!!! Hope your fifteen minutes of fame was worth pushing your whole family (who loves you) away and has done everything in their power to help you!! One day when all these losers you hang out with: end up in jail, die, or possibly grow up and become nothing and i mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! No matter how your fate turns out, you will be ALONE! unless you clean your act up and figure your sh*t out. Sorry I had to this but there was no other way, hope you listen this time.

My website helps people save lives… Pelican time to wake up and smell the spray tan.- nik

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