Farrah Abraham Sends Amber Portwood Cease and Desist, Portwood Denies It

Farrah Abraham Sends Amber Portwood Cease and Desist, Portwood Denies It

There’s always drama brewing in the Teen Mom world and the latest involves a face off again between OG co-stars Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood and a debate over an alleged cease and desist.

According to People Magazine, who obtained a copy of the alleged cease and desis lettert, Abraham’s attorney claims Portwood has allegedly “been making false and defamatory statements about Ms. Abraham to the media” and allegedly been “physically harassing” Abraham “most recently at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards.”

In the letter, the following is also written: “This behavior has persisted for quite some time now and it must stop. You are hereby directed to cease and desist from any communication or interaction with Ms. Abraham, including defamatory statements made to the media. If this harassment persists, we will be left with no other option but pursue this matter further and file a civil suit for damages. Please govern yourself accordingly.”

People reached out to Portwood’s legal team who confirmed they did get this letter and forwarded Portwood a copy… however, Portwood has denied the C+D telling E! News that, “Not only am I unaware of any cease and desist being sent, it’s also rather unnecessary. I have no interest in discussing Farrah or having any dialogue with her or her legal team. I’d strongly prefer she keep my name out of her mouth altogether.”


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