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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Caroline. She is what has been described to me as a SIF–a “Secret Internet Fatty”. And it couldn’t be truer. This girl is the wh*re to end all wh*res. When she was 17, she was dating some 21 year old f*ckhead/Marine who refused to use condoms, and she, therefore got pregnant. Nobody wanted to help her, not even her closest friends and family; they were all too “catholic” to deal with some pregnant teen. Needless to say, her family kicked her out, and she married the 21 year old f*ckhead/Marine. Like most f*ckheads/Marines, he got deployed to Iwakuni, Japan, and fell in love with a 40 year old concubine. Caroline, being the sad, stupid girl she is has decided that she was going to go on a mission to eat every single piece of food that has ever been made. She has blown up like a motherf*cking balloon, and she lures guys over to her apartment with sexy pictures like the first one I sent in and lets them f*ck her, get drunk off of her alcohol, while her baby sits in her crib in the corner of the room. Oh yeah, and she’s still only 19. I move you give her the Mommy of the Year award, Nik. What do you think?

Seems to like you fell victim to her fatty ways.- nik

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