Felecia Gargani’s Refund Gap


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Refund Gap Slut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Felicia “Monroe” real name Felicia Gargani, I came across her pictures in my boyfriends phone but they were sent to him by one of his friends (who has a girlfriend) who is hitting it and wanted to run a train on her. At first I was pissed because I thought she was sending them to him and that my man was going to f*ck her too, but turns out she is just a Hollywood trashy hoe. I read the whole conversation about her, then asked my boyfriend about her, she is the laughing stock of the “urban” crowd in Hollywood. Loves fcking athletes (f*cked 3/5 of the starting 5 of the OKC Thunder). She is a wannabee model, telling all her friends she’s a LEAD video girl in videos for people like Rick Ross, Birdman, Chris Brown, Too Short, etc, meanwhile she gets less than 3 seconds in a video and it is just her getting rained on. We all know video hoes only make a couple hundred dollars a video and thats probably why she’s a waitress. Typical purple crayon lover. She looks like she has something mentally wrong with her the way she makes her “model faces” and look at the one picture how bad its photoshopped, it looks like one of her ribs is popping out. Then theres that refund gap, maybe one of the worse refund gaps I’ve ever seen. The guys refer to her as “Thirst Dummy” because she’s so thirsty and doesn’t even ask for things like normal hoes do (purses/trips/shoes) she is satisfied with being a bottle rat at the urban clubs and getting some greg, from whoever. Please put her on blast because she really thinks she’s the sh*t.

Why do girls think being in a Rap Video is a good look? Getting rained on is degrading.- nik

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